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MS stats or MS epi??

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So, I've posted before about my situation.

I'm a mom with 2 yr old twins, have a masters in gender studies and an undergrad degree in Japanese and political science with equivalent 3.5 GPA (both degrees from the U.K.) I immigrated to the U.S., applied to one Ph.d program in social sciences and got rejected.

Since then have been working towards applying to MS programs in stats. Idea being that the stats is broad enough that I can apply some of my learning outside of the field to whatever job I end up getting. I'm near Bay Area, but not close enough to really apply to Stanford or Berkeley (not that I'm kidding myself I would get in to those programs anyway!)

So I'm considering CSU hayward, and UC Davis. Due to personal reasons I'm very limited in where I can apply to.

I have recently looked at the MS in epidemiology at UCD, and see that there is a faculty member who researches a very similar area that I was interested in studying at doctoral level within the social sciences. It's got me more than a little excited, as I was devastated when I thought I couldn't do the research/Ph.D.

My main question is: what's the general outlook for someone focusing in that area versus stats? I know epi is heavily stats based, but it's less mathematically rigorous (they don't require multivariable calculus) and they also don't require probability theory or mathematical stats at the level a stats degree would.

I don't want to shoot myself in the foot by going down a path that may leave me in a position where I don't get a job (which I know a degree in stats is unlikely to do.)

My heart tells me the epi is a good route to go down, but my head tells me stats, stats, stats.

I think I would probably be a better fit in epidemiology, but I just don't want to end up with another degree and still unemployed.

I'm taking my 2nd semester of calc right now, and intro to stats. Got a B in 1st semester of calc, and A's in everything else. My GPA is probably about 3.8 right now.

Any advice would be much appreciated,


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