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MEng at Cornell or MS at USC


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I have been admitted to the MEng program at Cornell. I know it does not involve a lot of research but after reading several posts i found out that i could do a mini thesis (reserach) instead of the project. This will allow me to apply to PhD programs later on or find a job. So i'm really considering enrolling in the program. However as an international student it the tuition costs are 37,750. Does anyone know how I could get help in funding? Has anyone enrolled in the program gotten any funding or is it all personal sources?

I was thinking like and RA or smtg. But since the program is quite a research program it would be very difficult.

I have been also admitted to the MS in mech eng at USC. I'm pretty quite sure I can secure an RA position or smtg else and get funding. Do you think I should go with USC? But isn't cornell far better?

Hope you can help me.

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