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Master programs with Spring admission?

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Hi everyone,


So I applied for PhD in economics and didn't get into the programs I want. I am now considering doing a master in statistics as prep for phd in economics. I figured if I end of outside academia, a degree in stat will really help me with jobs...


Anyway, since it has way passed the deadline for most programs, I need to apply for master with spring admissions, any suggestions?


Here is my profile


A nice Asian university and than transferred to a Top 15 US undergrad 

GPA Asian school 3.64/4 US 3.94/4

Courses Asian Cal I-II (As), Probability © Statistics (A-), a bunch of econ and polisci

US Calc III, ODE, LA, Real Analysis, Prob and Stat, Machine learning with R, Number theory, complex analysis (All As) and Algebra and Topology (in progress) and also my econ major


GRE 164/170/5 TOEFL 118


Research experience: doing senior thesis in econ, research assistant in econ, etc... So no experience in stat


Recommendation letter: One math, one machine learning, the third not sure (All my three letter writers for PhD are econ professors)


Concerns: The C in probability back in Asia... I wanted to transfer as many credits as possible and overloaded too much I guess

Lack of upper level stat courses, the two letter writers are all assistant professors

Also, there is considerably less opportunity for Spring admission

Are job experience like internship important? I have none because I was deadset on phd... Now I regret it. 


Any advice will be appreciated!

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Are there any MS programs that allow spring admission? It seems as though most MS programs have a year-long probability/statistical inference sequence... anyway, given the classes you've taken, I think you are in good shape to get accepted to an MS program.


However, I think you may want to look for jobs at this point to get some work experience. It would probably be easier to work for a year and then go back to school in the fall of 2015.

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