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pratt vs hunter mfa painting


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As for a better fit for you, I am not sure. But if it were me I would go with Hunter hands down. I have been kicking myself for not applying there this year. Hunter has great work coming out of there, wonderful connections and there rep is going up every year rather than going down like so many schools. Not to mention the price is hard to beat.

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Agree we don't know what you are looking for or what your work is like, so difficult to say what's a better fit. You should check out the current show at the Hunter building. Some things I did in the process of deciding: go online and see some students' work this and past year, see if there are professors I am excited about from either school, talk to people who went to different MFA programs (not necessarily the one I am applying to) to see what grad school is like for others. Obviously the school thinks you fit in their aesthetics and like you.

I also went to Hunter open studio - some work primed for Chelsea (not saying that's good or bad), some work I spot outside studio and did not even interest me enough to go in, and some genuine experiments going on there. There are just generally more painters in any schools (in my experience), so no surprise I liked a couple of the students' work there. Pratt was not on my list to check out, even there are some good artists teaching there, but that is just a personal preference having to do with location and my aversion to "art school".

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help! i got into both programs and i cant figure out which program is a better fit for me.

Hi, I was wondering which program you ended up choosing? I also applied to Hunter for the fall 2010. Hope you are enjoying it.

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