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Where do I stand for admission to a MS biostats program?

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I'm a recent graduate from Georgia Tech with a BS in biology.


I'm looking to apply to a masters program in biostatistics, but I'm not sure where I stand compared to other applicants who majored in mathematics or statistics.


-GPA: 3.94


Math courses taken:

-Calc I: credit received from AP Calc BC in high school

-Calc II (includes linear algebra): A

-Calc III: A

-Differential Equations: A


I haven't taken any statistics classes, but I've taken several quantitative biology classes (math models in biology, human genetics, population biology, etc.) and got all A's.


I graduated with the Research Option designation, meaning I did an intensive research experience and wrote an honors thesis.


I've always loved math and biology, so a biostatistics program would be ideal for me. I'm just worried that I don't have the statistics background to be a competitive candidate. Where do I stand?


Also, I'm taking a gap year to travel and save up money. What are some things I could do during that time to make myself more competitive? Any feedback will help!!





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I think you should take a course on probability and maybe a course on linear algebra.

You should be able to accomplish both in one semester or even over a summer, and I think both are a nice background to statistics courses (understanding the fundamentals of probability theory helps you think through statistical problems, and linear algebra will get you accustomed to working with matrices and related data).

I discovered this cycle that you don't necessarily need a BS in statistics and relevant research experience to get into master's programs, but I think it might help to demonstrate that you have a legitimate and based interest in going in this direction, and a background that has exposed you to material that you will build off of in your future studies.

For disclosure, I am an applicant this cycle.

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