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Microfilm is The Worst


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Microfilm is intimately related to grad school. All those old periodicals, books, and rare materials you need for your thesis? They're on Microfilm (or worse, microfiche). One project for an archival research methods course had us go through microfilms page by page and write evaluations on our findings. I actually like microfilm because it forces you to really deal with the material, to see what is where and how it's arranged, rather than miss what might be important by using other search methods. At least at my university, microfilm also comes with free printing, which saves me lots of money. 


Embrace the microfilm. 

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I've no interest in embracing the microfilm. I use it plenty at work for all those sources and have for several years now and I haaaaaate it. At least NARA is starting to digitize finally.

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