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GWU vs AU vs UNC

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I have been admitted into both AU and GWU MPP and I have been admitted into TAM at UNC, a dual program MA poly sci at UNC and MPP at University of Bremen in Germany. I didn't receive funding for any of the programs yet but UNC is 25k compared to AU and GWU's tuition.  I understand that GWU and AU's location are going to offer me more intern opportunities but is this really worth it when taking on double the debt of UNC. I'm really hesitant to go to GWU or AU just for the internships because at UNC I can study abroad, another great opportunity. any advice?

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I think the most important question to ask yourself is what do you want to do after graduation and which school will best prepare you for that work? You simply need to compare the usefulness of study abroad vs (possibly more) DC opportunities. Do you want to work in DC? If not, then your decision is simple. If so, does UNC also have strong connections there? 


Additionally, while UNC is a weaker school compared to either AU or GWU, you might have a specialized interest where UNC is stronger or at least comparable. 

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Thanks for response.  That is a question I have been dealing with because I cannot put a finger on what exact job I would like in policy but a every thought leads back to D.C.  I also have an interest to go to law school possibly down the road (would like it to be T14). I would guess the D.C network from GWU or AU would offer a better chance to do this too.  I have been reading all the threads that dispute between AU and GWU but do you know once I am accepted to the MPP program, is it possible to pursue a dual degree once I'm at the school like a MPP/MBA or MPP/MA?

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