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MS Stats - UNC Chapel Hill apps really not due til April?

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So I don't know if I'm a huge fool but I have not gotten my application in yet to UNC-Chapel Hill.  I'm catching up on prereqs this year and hoped to get another winter course grade before submitting.


Their website has always said apps are due April 8.  How can that possibly work w/ the larger April 15th decision deadline for other schools?  Did everyone else apply in Dec./Jan. and hear back already?  Should I even bother? 


p.s. accepted to NCSU and UT-Austin already...




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Doesn't hurt to try. The website clearly states April 8th as the final deadline. 


For what it's worth, they received 511 applications to the MS and PhD programs in 2010. I can imagine that number has increased since. 


Btw, congratulations on the acceptances, especially to NCSU!  

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Hmm 4/15 is only for PhD's?  Neither school has given me an actual deadline for getting back to them.


Is it "first come, first served" for two year master's programs (or those w/o financial aid)?  Could they actually take my spot away if I don't reply early on?  Was hoping to make a decision by April 1st ish.

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