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Is it me or does Carnegie Mellon's MSP program description sound a little.... "off"?


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In another words, is CMU's MSP reputable in terms of the quality of the education? According to its website, the MSP does not have a thesis requirement or a qualifying exam. All the schools I looked at so far seems to have some final "test" but why not CMU? I also tried looking for more information regarding the MSP program but found nothing. I find that to be very odd since CMU seems to have a decent statistics department. Can anyone lend me some insight into this CMU's masters program?

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The MSP is a professional masters degree. 


CMU offers a M.S. Statistics degree on route to the PhD. Candidates have to complete a certain number of courses and pass a data analysis exam. 




M.S. Degree

Many of our Ph.D. students earn a Master of Science (M.S.) in Statistics on the way to achieving their ultimate degree. The M.S. degree is awarded as a milepost after a certain number of courses and hurdles have been achieved. The 2+4 program provides a flexible framework of requirements. It consists of the following mix of courses:

    • 2 refers to Intermediate Statistics (36-705) and Applied Regression Analysis (36-707)
    • 4 refers to 48 additional graduate credits (i.e. 4 courses) chosen from a variety of options. These classes must contain at least one element from each of the following categories:
      • A collaborative research experience such as Advanced Data Analysis (36-757 and 36-758), Statistical Practice (36-726), or an independent research project (provided it includes data analysis).
      • Statistical Methodology
      • Probability or Statistical Theory
    • Students in our program seeking an M.S. degree must have a B or better in each of the courses under consideration for their 72 credits, an overall GPA of grater than 3.0, and they must pass the M.S. data analysis exam.
    • The M.S. milepost does not have to occur in year 1, but we expect most students to earn this degree within 1.5 years.
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