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Doctorate in Business or another Undergrad Degree?


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I earned my MBA in 2010, but the job market wasn't the best.  I was working as a research analyst for Nielsen (for six years), but joined the ARMY when the company started laying off employees.  I am currently an ARMY medic.  I have the GI Bill at my disposal; however, I'm questioning whether to pursue a doctorate degree or return to school and study another topic (e.g., teaching or nursing).  I'm great at business academically.  I have an undergrad in marketing from Northern Kentucky University (3.4 GPA) and a MBA from Thomas More College in Kentucky (3.8 GPA).    What are the benefits of earning a doctorate degree given that the MBA hasn't yielded much ROI?

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Are you interested in policy or public health at all?  It could be marketable to get an MA in political science (policy focused), an MPA, or an MPH and also have your MBA to go along with it - especially if your granting institution was well known.

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If you want to teach, you can get a one year masters and I think if you're a male esp. with a non-traditional background, they would LOVE you. Schools yearn for strong male role models. If you're interested in secondary education you might be stuck with math though unless you can earn 18-30 credits in the area you want to teach.  


HOWEVER, I wouldn't think the nursing route is a bad deal... if anything, see if you can get into med or PA school after a BSN undergrad. A lot of "non-traditional" students KILL IT when they go back to undergrad because they have a lot more self-discipline in their older age to do the courses with flying colors and less excuses to why they can't get the grade. With a great set of undergrad grades, the world is your oyster. If you get into a top medical school (not Ross or something) you're bound to make back all your med school debt in no time when you're rolling in six figures. 

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