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Accepted into Ed. Psych Statistics with possible funding...HELP


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Hi everyone,


I got accepted into the Educational Psychology program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I will be focusing in measurement and statistics. While I am happy that I am admitted, my appointed initial advisor tells me that they currently have no funding for me. But he said that all the current measurement/statistics PhD students have TA or RA assistantships.


One thing he mentioned was that they faculty has four grants out for review. But they don't know of the approval date yet. If the grants are approved, then they will be able to fund new PhD students. I asked him what other funding sources are there and he sent me a link for Graduate Assistant positions inside the University. If i do land a job as a GA, I will be paid and be given a tuition waiver, only my income will be taxed.


I'm really puzzled here and scared. This is actually my SECOND time applying for phd programs and UIC is the only school that I got into. (Though I'm still waiting to hear back from UC Berkeley and UW Seattle, all in the same discipline).


I really want to get the PhD and, most of all, the statistics training. I'm thinking in the event that there is no funding in the first year (or even subsequent years), I can probably take out loans. Since my training will be in statistics, I will most likely land a favorable job after I graduate.


I am a New York resident, so I'll have to pay out of state tuition. Plus if no assistantships and tuition waivers, I'll have to pay for my own health insurance. That will mean around 80+K in debt. =( One more question is, if there is no funding, will I have to fund my own research?


Please HELP, what should I really do? One side of me is telling me to take the risk and hope that the grants will come through, but the other side of me is scared.



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First, wait to hear back from the other applications. If this is the only program that you received acceptance for, then I would say go for it. I wouldn't mind investing 80K for a PhD with a concentration in measurement and statistic.  There is a high demand for individuals who specialized in measurement and statistics, especially in the education field (I currently work in that field as an evaluator). Also, this is your second time around.  Are you able to invest another $1500 in application fees, transcripts again?

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