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Princeton Near Eastern Studies M.A. Program


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Hi all,


First post here on here -- you all seem like a good lot, so thanks for having me!  I'm a 2013 graduate currently teaching history at the high school level and looking to go into Middle Eastern Studies with the hope of researching in the field and teaching at the college level.  One of the NES faculty recommended I look at their M.A. program as preparation for their Ph.D. program, which I is what initially inquired about.  But, while their Ph.D. program is obviously top-notch, I never hear about their M.A. program among the usual suspects (UT Austin, Georgetown, Chicago, NYU, etc.) for Middle Eastern Studies.  Many of the faculty who teach in the "Program in Near Eastern Studies" are from the NES Department, while there are a few others from Lit, Politics, History, and Religion, but I can't find a whole lot of other information.  The webpage simply notes that "students take appropriate language training and course work emphasizing the modern history, culture, politics, economy, and social structures of the Near East" and that the curriculum is "adjustable."


Does anyone know more about this program?  The faculty member I spoke with explained that it had unusually good funding for an M.A. program, which is obviously critical, but I can't find much relevant information on the NES website.  


Any feedback is greatly appreciated, and good luck to any in the current admissions season!




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Bumping this to the top in the hope that a couple GC members who just posted their acceptances into this program will see it.  Perhaps they can tell us a little bit about the program and (most importantly) any aid they might be receiving! 





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