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Are Dual Degrees Worth the Extra Money?

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I wanted your guys' opinion on something. Basically, I'm from southern California, and I got into UCLA's Library Science program. This is awesome, but they don't offer the dual degree in History. Now, I really like History, and I have also heard it's really beneficial for finding a job. I applied, and got into, some out of state programs that offer the dual degree option as well (Maryland, Indiana, waiting to hear from Simmons). My question is, do you think the extra student loans would be worth moving out of state to get the second degree? Or should I go to UCLA, try to save money, and get only one degree?

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Congrats on getting in. Personally, I think work experience is probably the most important thing for finding a library job. UCLA offers a lot of opportunities for working in libraries while getting your degree through their internship program. Especially if your undergrad degree is in History, you will have a great foundation to work in history related libraries. Yes, a subject MA might give you an edge, but is it worth the extra student loans? 


I also got into UCLA, by the way, but I have the opposite problem. I moved away from SoCal, so now I am looking at out of state tuition to UCLA. Given that library jobs pay rather modestly, is it worth the massive student loans?

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