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Claremont Graduate University

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I was accepted to the MPH program too!


I actually have no idea if it is a good program for MPH.

I read that it is good for Global Health, but not sure about the other concentrations.

I live in California so I thought it would be nice to have a school close to home to choose from my other accepted schools.


Do you know much about the school and its reputation as a grad school?

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I really like what I have read and learned about the MPH program and the classes they offer for my concentration of Health Education. What was your interest for concentration? I mostly go by what I find through searching their course offerings and schedules for previous semesters, etc. I was accepted to the MPH program as well, and now just waiting to see if I was accepted to the MA Psychology program too so that I can do their dual degree program. This is a huge factor for me, but either way I will be attending. I like what I have been able to learn about the college and the town itself, but that's really all relative to what your tastes are. I had a professor in undergrad that attended Scripps and can't say enough good things about the Claremont schools as a whole, she was really excited about me applying. The one thing I have seen on this forum is that people don't like that it is more of a professional based institution rather than a research based one. For me, I prefer the professional based because I am not interested in in-depth research, only the basics I would need to do. The Claremont schools in general, as I'm sure you already know have a good reputation as a consortium. For me, one of the things I look for are the abilities to be involved on campus like in health center, etc. as I am concentrating in health education. What is it that you are kind of looking for? Also, where else are you choosing from?


I am coming from the Phoenix area, so for me too it's only a 6 hour ride which will be really nice! 

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I actually have only heard back from BU!

I'm focusing more on Leadership and Management.


I know BU is ranked, but not too sure about Claremont.

The only think holding me back from BU is the high price of living....

I've just heard from other MPH students that going to a ranked school is important, since you'll be offered more interviews for jobs.

Thats why I'm just worried Claremont is more known for their undergrad, more than their grad school.


What other schools have you applied too?

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What are you interested in doing for a job? For me I want to work on a college campus so it's a good place for me with many opportunities for internships and jobs in my field. I can see why some people are so interested in the rank, but I just am not. It's all about your preference really.


I applied to SDSU, University of Arizona, CSU Northridge, and CSU Fullerton. 

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Haha oh don't bet on it! I do hope it comes soon though so I have some physical info to look through :)


It's not really that informative. There's an acceptance letter and a pamphlet and a business card lol

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