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NCSU Master in Analytics or Berkeley M.Eng CS or Harvard MoS CSE?


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I am kind of putting the cart in front of the horse here but I would like to ask for a suggestion...


My main goal is to be able to specialize in Data Science/Analytics and be able to work in the USA (I am from Italy)


I got accepted in both MSBAPM at UCONN (declined) and MA at NCSU (accepted).

I am still waiting to hear back from Berkeley EECS concentration on Data Science and Harvard MoS Computational Science and Engineering.


Now, I am trying to figure out what to do in the scenario where either Berkeley or Harvard accept my application.

I have seen that Berkeley is now offering a MISM in Data Science...how does this cope with the EECS concentration in Data Science they are offering? Does it diminish the effectiveness of the M.Eng?

The MISM was a no-go for me since it is completely online and does not allow me to obtain a F-1 visa.


I love the idea of being able to experience California but I figure that getting a master in either Harvard or NCSU will allow me to get a job there, albeit attending Berkeley may facilitate this part of the process.


Now, after this long introduction...having Data Science and Big Data in mind, where would you go if you wanted to get the best specialization available and be more competitive after graduation?


NCSU MA or Berkeley M.Eng CS or Harvard CSE?


Being very "fate prone" in this last period, I guess fate will decide for me (by getting rejected from both Berkeley and Harvard)...but anyway, any suggestion?


Thanks to whomever will share his/her point of view with me.


Btw, I have already graduated from college in Italy (Bachelor+Master in CS) and have 6 years of working experience under my belt as a Consultant for EMC2.


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