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Stanford MS CEE, Fall of 2014


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Hi all,


I am  new to gradcafe. If my topic fits better in other forums, please let me know.



I was admitted to MS program in CEE in 2013. I deferred a year. I wanted to defer one more year, to travel, experiment with life, etc... but since they said only one year deferment is possible, I am planning to go this year.


I would really love to receive some real infos and insights from the people who are at Stanford now, doing their MS in CEE or other engineering departments (preferably from CEE for department-specific questions) on following questions.


1) Any tips on housing? There are so many options. I prefer : single housing, quite location; if any trail is near, that's fantastic. 


2) After actually being there, how do you find the program? Do classmates, people around you challenge you to see deeper and bigger? How are the professors as mentors? 

3) What is the chance of a MS getting a TA or RA, given that he is very driven?


4) I am not funded. I just realised that I would need at least 90K for a year there (http://studentaffair...ancing-expenses). How are you non-funded people (not helped by parents) dealing with this?  


5) Anything - about academics, weather, life, etc.. - you wished you knew, thought differently or prepared for before arriving there?


6) Any fun or interesting stories of your time being there that a newbie might find interseting, funny, or insightful about the idiosyncrasies, special qualities of being there?  


Thank you so much for your time in advance. Really look forward to hearing your thoughts and stories. 


Peace and smile with you. 



One more thing;

If you know anyone who has done or is right now at stan for MS in CEE (preferably, concentration on water quality control, treatment), and could help me connect to that person, please let me know. That would be wonderful. I am getting in touch with some people thru stanford websites and research group websites as well, but this way I will have a larger pool of information. Thank you so much in advance!

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