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MLIS @ UBC or MI @ UofT?


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Hello fellow applicants, 


I recently got accepted into UofT for the Masters of Information in LIS and into UBC for the MLIS, and I was wondering if there was anyone else out here debating between these two schools and what people have to say about them? 


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Personally, I think if you want to work in a library after graduation, UBC might be a better choice and if you are more leaning towards private sector, and are the tech-savvy kind, maybe it's better to choose U of T.

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Hello AmyWolfram,
I've just got UT's offer, and have the same debating as yours.
Don't know if you have decided yet or do you get any thought on it?
I've been comparing tuition fee, living cost, courses, and co-op programs of these two programs.
However, I think the real problem is what I am going to do in the future with the degree.
I would like to work in historic research centers, historic museums, some local culture and history studio, or other public history related organizations.
So it sounds traditional MLIS would more fit for me.
In addition, UT's courses emphasize more on technology side. However, I don't know if getting a MI would have stronger capacity than other IT guys.
Does any one have any thought on it??
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