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Visiting a School You Probably Won't Enroll At


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A couple weeks ago, I arranged a visit at one school that I thought would be my only viable MA option. It's for an Accepted Students weekend, and the dates are in early April... but I will probably accept at another school before the visit weekend. However, I am considering the same university for a possible PhD in the future as well as a summer language program this year... so: is it okay for me to still go to the visit weekend even if I will likely be committed to another school by then?

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I think it's okay. You'll certainly get something out of the visit - you'll meet faculty in your field, other students, and see if the University will be a possibility in the future. And they'll benefit, because they can try to recruit you - and who knows, you might even be persuaded to go there.


I was in a similar situation - I was invited to a visit to my third choice - but the only reason I didn't go was due to the expense of the trip.

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I would still go, often the recruitment visits can change peoples minds a lot. I wasn't planning on accepting for the school I am at now but after the visit I changed my mind. 

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