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UCB MEng vs Dartmouth MEM vs EPFL MTE


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Hey Guys,


I got admitted to the following programs:


UCB's MENG in EECS - 1 year 

EPFL MS in Management of Tech and Entrepreneurship - 2 years

Dartmouth MEM - 15 months

Duke MEM - 1+ yr


I am also awaiting results from

CMU - Dual MS in ECE and ETIM 


Is there any advice you could give me one way or the other?


Background: I did my Bachelors in EE in India, and have worked for the past 3 years in the US. I am interested in applying engineering towards solving real problems, and eventually want to start up and lead a small company. 


Thanks in advance for your help!


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Thanks, Icydubloon and EngineerGrad.


I know better than to create hypotheticals, but what about if the dual ECE in ETIM and ECE comes through at CMU?


Thank you kindly!

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