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SAIS (IDEV), Oxford or LSE/SIPA ?!

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Hi there!

Need advice! I have been admitted to

(a) the SAIS Bologna Centre (International Development concentration) with 10k Euros (plus a scholarship from my country which will basically cover the tuition fully).

(B) Oxford - MSc in Forced Migration at the Queen Elizabeth House/Department of International Development. I'm very optimistic about getting some funding, although I have to wait until May. I'm into refugee and human rights law, asylum policy and have relevant work experience (UNHCR).

© LSE - MPA in Public and Economic Policy. I am not thrilled about this programme and they didn't give a pence... but the second year could be in NYC at SIPA.

I'm basically between SAIS and Oxford. I was thinking doing the nine-month long Oxford MSc and deferring SAIS for next year. Would that make sense?

I was rejected by HKS and WWS - do you think that it's worth reapplying next year and just drop SAIS. The only problem with SAIS is that - for a European - it's not as recogniseable as Oxford or the ivies are. I think it'd be more in place at the UNDP rather than at the WB or the IMF...

Help! thanks a lot!

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Any ideas?! SAIS or Oxford is the big dilemma... Ox + reapply to WWS/HKS? or SAIS?

Do you know anybody who did the Joint Degree MA/JD with SLS (Stanford Law School)? Sounds amazing and relevant to my career goals.

Anyone going to the SAIS Bologna Open Day this Thursday?

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Sounds like you're all over the place and not entirely sure what you want to do long-term (despite being interested in refugee, etc.). But, if you're concerned about name recognition in Europe, then go with Oxford. If you really want to take as many classes as you can, then go to SAIS (more requirements than Ox). People do go to UNDP from SAIS, not just WB and IMF. As far as the joint degree with Stanford law, a couple people do it and seem happy with it. Key is getting into Stanford law which is significantly more difficult than getting into SAIS. Keep in mind that you can do a JD at other schools too and still get a joint degree - SAIS apparently is quite flexible on this front, though it still has to be a "top" law school for them to accept it.

Keep in mind that law school is 3 years and very expensive. If you don't want to be a lawyer, then it's just not worth the time and money. But, if you want to do jobs where that legal background is necessary or extremely helpful, then go for it. But, a lot of human rights work outside the courtroom (such as monitoring, etc.) does not require a law degree. If you decide the law is for you, you might even consider simply going to law school and saving a year of your time by not getting the MA. Most lawyers doing international law (be it private or public), are just lawyers and have no IR training. But, there's a lot to be said for these people actually getting some IR training...

And finally, I really wouldn't do both Ox and SAIS, or Ox and KSG or WWS. You simply don't need two MAs in such similar fields. Since you're in already, I'd be tempted to just do Ox or SAIS. Maybe SAIS would win since you get to do a year in Italy and year in DC. New experiences. Good luck with the choice.

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