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MA credits to PhD?


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Programs have policies regarding this, so you'll need to ask the specific programs.


For instance, Harvard: "Candidates must pass at least twelve approved half-courses or seminars during their first four terms in the department. Students who have done graduate work elsewhere may petition to obtain credit for up to three half-courses, which may be counted toward the preliminary requirement. If they are in philosophy (as would normally be the case), such courses will be regarded as equivalent to those taught by members of the department."


Notre Dame, "Students entering the doctoral program with a Master's Degree in philosophy may be excused from 6 to 12 hours of course work."


Nebraska, "Students entering the program with graduate work in philosophy at another institution may transfer up to eighteen hours of seminar course credit, as determined by the Graduate Advisor in consultation with the student and the GraduateCommittee."

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Nope. In fact, we have a student who transferred after his/her coursework elsewhere, and none of that was counted here. The student started fresh, from the ground up. 


With one exception: the logic requirement was considered satisfied in his/her case.



Now, I'm somewhere that generally expects its students to have an MA coming in, since we're in a country where that's part of the normal progression. So it makes sense that we wouldn't usually credit MA work. But from what I gather, this seems to be the norm in most places, with tiny exceptions made for things like the logic requirement.

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