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Please vote! which one would you choose?


Which school should I choose?  

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  1. 1. Which school should I choose?

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Please help! Its April 15th and I am indecisive about these 2 schools:

University A: Is in a place with high cost of living but low stipend. State school. Higher ranking in top 30 but only by three slots above school B. Excellent faculty that specialize in one of the two subfields I seek to specialize in. I will be doing both equally. but I feel that there has been little contact from the program, and that I am not wanted that much here but everyone was super nice during visit. There are 4 faculty in the dept I want to work with and 2-3 faculty outside in another dept. No one in my research area in the second subfield, but I've been told I could pave the way and they are looking to hire someone. Good placement rate but not as good as school B.

University B: Stipend is 2k higher and guaranteed for an extra yr and in a much lower cost of living. Private school. Lower ranking in my major, but very prestigious and strong weight to schools name and repuation. High placement rate of 85%, prob because of name but this was prob 10 yrs ago. Professor there worked really hard to get me in and they all generally tried to contacty more. 1 faculty that is perfect for what i wnat to study, and only 1 other that would be good for 1 of my fields. I met with him and he was quite off-putting, arrogant and just strangely condesending manner. Couldn't meet w/ my perfect advisor cause he is out of the country. A few other people I might be able to pull from but I'd be taking a risk if the 1 professor left. Absolutely Beautiful campus. Also have smaller cohort and class sizes than school A.

Which one should I go to and why.

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How generous is the funding from school A?

No matter how ignorant they may seem, if they offer you as much funding as everyone else, that would mean that they are willing to invest in you. Each dept pursues the student in different manner...

And ultimately, picture yourself there for the next 4-6 yrs - at this point, this is just what you ought to do. At the end, both choices might turned out to be good / bad...

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