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UVA MA Program - any current/prosp. students? Also, anyone attending a non-funded MA, feel free to chime in. Thanks!

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This is my first time posting on this forum, so I apologize in advance if this isn't the right place/thread/thingy for this sort of question ...


I'm wondering if any current students or prospective students interested in the UVA MA might share their opinions/thoughts on the program?


I am quite (painfully) aware of the fact that this program is not funded. I am also aware, as we all are, that the job market for anyone, anywhere is bleak. To be quite frank, (and I apologize in advance for my snarkiness), if I'd wanted any sense of job security after college, I probably shouldn't have gotten a BA in English to begin with. (I think the process of applying/rejection/waitlist has gotten to me, haha).


That being said, I am currently waitlisted for the PhD and will check in around April 1 to see if I'm off, but (let's be real) I have zero expectation that I'll be accepted.

The entire PhD process was, and still is, overwhelming but I have seriously reconsidered my interest in pursuing a PhD. As thrilling as it sounds, and as much as I daydream about it, I have tremendous respect for the commitment (financial, emotional, geographical, etc) that it takes to pursue a PhD.

Thus, I think the MA at UVA would be a really fantastic opportunity for me to continue moving forward without committing myself to something I'm not 100% sure about.


I come from a very strong, private liberal arts school in the North with no student debt, and while I'd ideally like to stay away from loans, it is a 'limited cost' (in that I know I'll be in an out in either a 1 and 1/2 or 2 years as opposed to X amount of years for a PhD. I'm not paying for a PhD. Ain't nobody got time for that). I also have faith that, post-MA, I'll find a job doing something and, with good financial management, won't drown in debt.


So, long story short, I'm wondering if anyone here goes to UVA and could tell me the pros/cons of the program? If its a torturous program with horrible professors and mean classmates, I'll reconsider attending. But I've only heard great things about the classes, the area, etc ... what's it like?

If there's also anyone whose attending an non-funded MA program who has had a good experience, please feel free to chime in!


Thank you all in advance for your advice! :)

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