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Very confused and need help


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Dear Friends,

I am new here in the sence that I am posting for the first time. Although I have been reading the forums for about 3 months now.

I applied for the 2014 fall season fora PHD in OB.

Application universities were:

Duke (Rejected)

Harvard (Rejected)

Stanford (Rejected)

Wisconsin school of Business (In review)

Case western university (Rejected)

UM Amherst (Status unknown)

Texus A&M (Status Unknown)

My GRE is quant 145 and verbal 158. I have a GPA of 3.0 in my undergrads and did my masters in human resources in India where I have a GPA of 3.6. I have 1 research award of excellence at my masters level.

Now I come to my deep confusion. I know I have gone wrong with my GPA and haven't done to well on the GRE either. I do have a great work ex having worked at a consultant over 3 years and am working on a paper now with a good faculty member from my masters level institute.

However I am visually impaired and find the GRE quant section very tough. It is to visual and I do not get writers to help me read the section out properly. So I don't know how I could improve this.

Keeping this in mind, what would some of your advice be? Should I apply for another masters in the states. Is that required? Will it help my cause to try for a masters and then go for a PHD after that?



Warm REgards,



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