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Masters in Poli Sci or Masters in Social Justice and Equity studies?


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I'm still waiting on two school's decisions, but in the mean time, I've been wracking my brain trying to decide between the two programs I have already been accepted to. The school that accepted me is the University that I attended for my undergrad. I know that both of these programs have a big wait list and I feel selfish keeping both spots when I know full well that I can't do both at the same time. So here's my predicament:

Currently my university is the only one offering the Masters in Social Justice and Equity Studies (at least in Canada according to the website). It's an interdisciplinary program involving 48 professors from 16 disciplines. The program is very small, they only let in 10-12 students per year. The classes sound very interesting and right up my alley, BUT I'm afraid that because it's new and small that they won't have the resources that I need or have been looking forward to (such as the grad lounge, ta offices, etc) or that it won't be that marketable. I have been offered full funding for this program as well as the MA in Poli Sci. I also applied to the SJES sort of spur of the moment on the advice of one of my professors. The SJES accepted me the day my last reference letter was submitted. I was also accepted to the Poli Sci Masters very quickly. It's a department I'm comfortable in, I know all of the professors very well but I'm concerned it won't feel like I've fully left my undergrad since some of the classes are cross listed with fourth year classes. But I know that they have good resources for grad students

I'm also concerned with the marketability of either degree. I just want to make sure that I'm making the best choice for my future. Both programs have pros and both of cons. 

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

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