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SUNY Brockport Visual Studies MFA information or review


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So far this is the only place I got in and I haven't been able to to get much feedback on the program. I was just wondering if anyone is familiar with it? Right now I am trying to decide weather I should go or reapply next year to programs that would be a better fit for me.Any advice would be helpful.

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Hopefully you found a program that worked well for you. For anyone else wondering, the MFA program at Visual Studies Workshop in Visual Studies is a very intense full-time program that resembles a classic undergrad academic structure. Class, homework, critique. Repeat. Four to five classes every semester. The studio practice classes are weekly critique classes with your peers and your instructor, who will more often than not be Shaw because he elects to teach almost 50% of all classes offered at VSW. The expectations of students are very high in terms of output, but the students provide their own education beyond the "bootcamp" of the first semester through utilization of the research center and the VSW community. The program is affordable, and offers some good connections in the Rochester community and nationally which is really why most people go here now. The education itself - well, as they love to say at VSW: it is what you make it. 

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