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How about Harvard MPH Program?


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Hello, I'm a medical doctor in Japan and applied for some public health school programs in the U.S.

One of them, Harvard MPH program, accepted me.

I'd like to know more about Harvard School of Public Health(HSPH).


My question is whether HSPH MPH program is enough for the preparation to work in the field of public health.

The reason whty I wondered like this is that HSPH offers only 9 months to study.

It's the shortest program as far as I know.

To learn more, HSPH thinks that I should continue to pursue Ph.D. or DrPH ?


Will schools offering two years MPH program give me much deeper understading or more practical experience in this field?

Not for academic interest but for work , should I choose two years MPH program?


(At now, I was also accepted by Emory SPH Epidemiology. I'm wondering which to choose. :unsure: )


Thanks in advance. :D



P.S. My interest is epidemiology especially related to chronic diseases like diabetes. I'm interested in not only genetic factors but environmental factors.

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what you are saying is making sense... the MPH of HSPH has a big question mark although a strong brand. What I know is that it is very demanding and stressful programme as you have to squeeze 42.5 credits in less than 8 months of actual study excluding exams and Christmas and spring breaks. I was thinking about the SM2 but I was told it is more theory than practice and less valued when it comes to employment in international organiztions like WHO,etc...

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