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Deciding--UMich vs. UChicago Macro


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hi Everyone--I'm wondering if there are any UMich, UChicago, or UIC current students or grads who could comment on their experiences in any of these programs. I want to focus on macro work, specifically community organizing and advocacy but hope to do some clinical-based work to be more well-rounded.


I've  been accepted into the Community-Based Initiative at UMich (putting me at $16,500 out of pocket after financial aid) and UChicago's School of Social Service Admin (putting me at $27,000 out of pocket after aid). I haven't heard from UIC, but I'd be glad to hear anything about their macro program as well. 


My current worries...


1) The CBI program at UMich is fantastic, and they are offering wonderful aid, but I plan to eventually settle in the Chicagoland area and am not sure if it would be better to go to school and do field placements in the Chicago area since I want to settle there afterward? 


2) The program at UMich will only be one field placement (16 mth program) vs. two at UChicago (24 mth program). Will this be harmful when looking for a job? I have been an AmeriCorp member for 2 years doing community organizing and have a lot of other volunteer experiences, if that matters at all.


I guess I'm mostly just wondering if anyone could speak to their good/bad experience with the macro programs at these schools.


Thank you--and I'd love to discuss the decision-making process! It's so difficult!


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