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Advice for possibly deferring a semester - worth it?

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Hi all. I've come out of the woodwork as acceptances have started coming in, and I'm starting to need to make decisions.


I've been accepted to a few of my top choices for international affairs MA programs. However, I am currently enrolled in another program in Germany, which would give me a European studies MA this coming September. The timing doesn't work out, obviously, and I had really only enrolled here since I was already abroad and needed to have something to do while waiting for my top schools to get back to me...


I had initially considered dropping it, going back to the States for the summer, working and saving up some money to start school in the fall. But now that I have done more than half of the program, I'm wondering if I should stick it out and finish, and start at Fletcher or where-have-you in January. 


Any advice? How would coming a semester late impact things like (academics/course scheduling) (social life/fitting it/friends) (transitioning in general into the school)


Any prior experience with delayed enrollment and/or 1 semester deferment? 


Any comments on whether a German MA in European Studies in addition to my Intl Affairs MA will even ever be of any use? (Im interested in working for State or an IO like UN, OSCE)


Thanks for the help guys. 

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So deferral is tricky and the policy depends on the program.


For example, some programs will let you defer for a semester or two so long as you pay them an admission deposit (kinda like what you would do if you accept an offer). Obviously, the deferral would not be indefinite and they'd drop your spot if you go too long.


However, other schools will only let you defer if you have a good reason - that includes family emergencies, outstanding opportunities that are time-sensitive, etc.


If you defer, I've never seen anything that suggests that you'd start with a handicap. You'd still go to orientation and meet the incoming class, etc. The only thing is that, for many programs, the funding doesn't transfer if you defer. 


I hope that helps a little bit, friend. Congratulations on your acceptances.

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