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Applied to PhD but got MS admission


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Hi guys,

So I've got a rejection, and two accepts so far. But instead of accepts to PhD, I got accepts to MS. One school(CU Boulder, ECE) says they are considering me for MS funding - notification due in early April, while the second school (UFL MAE) offered a so-called achievement award for an MS degree. I already got an MS from the UK already in engineering and frankly don't see the sense in another Ms degree.

I mailed the UF POI and he seems surprised that I got an Ms offer instead. He promised to get back to me but I haven't heard from him so far.

Advice please?

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It seems to me like youre doing what you should by contacting your POIs. If you already have 1 masters then honestly I dont think it would be worth it to get another. Do you have plenty of research experience? That is the only reason I think think of that you would be offered MS admission instead. 

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The only research experience I've had so far is my MS dissertation/project. I also teach at a local uni in my country.

What do you say, pray tell, if I contact other uni's where I'm expecting decisions that I've got funded offers elsewhere annd would appreciate If I can get their decisions in time to smoothen my decision-making process for which university to attend?

Would love to get your opinion

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