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Chance for PHD Statistics with mediocre GPA

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Hi all, I have made up my mind to go for a Statistics PHD but my main concern is my GPA. I need help deciding the range of schools to apply to. Below are my information:


Institution: University of Washington

Major: BS Mathematics(Graduating Spring 2014)

GPA: Overall 3.25, Major 3.4(Average 3.7 in all upper level classes)

Classes Taken: 2 quarters Real Analysis, 2 quarters Complex Analysis, 3 quarters Probability Theory, 2 quarters Advanced Calc, Numerical Analysis, Computational Finance, Mathematical Statistics


I have set my mind to become a Stats lecturer or professor with an emphasizing on teaching. I have strong LORs to back up my career goals and relevant experience in tutoring and mentoring as well my potential in a Stats program. However, I do not have any research experiences. I am taking a gap year(June - November) to boost up my credentials and applying for Fall 2015. 


The schools I'm interested in are Purdue, UT Austin, Indiana-Bloomington, UIUC, Rice University, University of Virginia, typically schools with ranking ranging from 20 - 60 in their Stats program. What are my chances? What do you guys recommend me to do during the gap time? I have a job as a part-time Stats tutor but I was hoping for something more. One more thing I have to add is that I am an International student on OPT so I have to make it in this cycle or I will have to leave the States. Any feedback is very much appreciated.


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Honestly, I would try for the MS route at any school that will take you. I don't know much about admissions at any of the schools you listed, but my sense is that it's going to be tough as a foreign student with a relatively low GPA without some truly amazing recommendations.

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