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Hi all,


I am an out of field applicant and also in state. I'm having trouble deciding between these two programs because I've heard good things about both, but nothing that specifically stood out to me to help me make a decision. I would really appreciate if someone could give me more information or pros/cons about these programs! I am interested in working with swallowing or SLP in infants in the future. 


Thank you so much!!!! 

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I'm a current undergrad at UVA and I can't decide between JMU and UVA either!  I'm kind of an interesting case though.  I'm 30 and my husband and I live a half hour from UVA and an hour and a half from JMU.  UVA makes the most sense for my situation but JMU is a better program.


As an undergrad I've heard both good and bad things about UVA's program.  Most of the bad things I've heard are about unorganized administrators and a lack of clinic instructors with enough time to give effective feedback.  (The program has grown quickly over the past few years and UVA is scrambling to get caught up.  I do know that they know their weaknesses and are working on them.)  But I've also heard from several current grad students that they feel they've gotten a good education and feel prepared for a job as an SLP.


I'm going to try and do some research about JMU's program since I know little about it (other than many of my classmates are considering going there!).


Let me know if you hear anything that helps your decision!!

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