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PhD in applied math at UW Seattle vs. MS in MS & E (OR) at Stanford

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I had a hard time deciding whether to go to the phd program in applied math at UW Seattle, or the master program in ms&e at stanford. personally i feel that i am more interested in operations research/ industrial engineering, though i actually did not have any real experience with it. however, a master's program is so expensive and stanford must be very competitive. also, i am an international student with no internship experience, which means it would be much harder for me to find a job after the master program. i feel like i want to go to stanford, but i do not dare and it seems to be so irrational to give up a phd program in seattle...

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why do you think you are interested in IEOR if you don't have any experience in it?


if you are dead set on industry, then MS&E at stanford might make sense.


otherwise, go to UW. UW applied math is very very good (don't be fooled by its (relatively) lower undergrad reputation. UW is a top graduate school for many STEM fields)

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