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Applying for funding through Fulbright for MA in the USA. Help!


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I have just started the process of trying to apply for funding for an MA through Fulbright.


I am a white, male caucasian from the UK, currently living in S.E Asia.


I am finding it difficult to find funding bodies that I am eligible for and was wondering if anyone had advice on how to get started?


Thanks in advance,




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I'm the same as you! English female living in Tokyo :)


From everything I've found so far, the deadline has already passed... including Fulbright for 2014 anyway. So if you're looking for 2015, apply early! I used the educationUSA website to find some funding and nice, simple, Google...


Some Universities give in-state fees to international students, or give a scholarship to every student so you end up paying in-state fees anyway. I applied to one of those and got accepted :)

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