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MFA Conflict: Penn State vs MassArt


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So just this past week it was confirmed that I was accepted into the sculpture programs of Penn State and MassArt. Penn State offered an Assistantship that would cover all tuition and fees for two years...while also steepening 7000 yearly. Which is amazing and I can't believe anyone would give a train wreck like me this privilege. On the other hand MassArt has barley offered anything but the potential to an assistantship and not nearly as much as PSU. So it seems an obvious decision. Go with PSU. But I really had hoped to switch gears for my Graduate degree and put myself in a big city with the opportunities they carry ie Boston. And State College (the city Penn State is in) just seems to be another quiet suburban city. hours away from the big apple. So I want the opinions of you guys. Which program do you believe to be the most prestigious and worth my time and money. Is MassArt worth throwing myself into an enormous amount of debt? Should I suck up the small town life for another year or two? HALP!!

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I understand your conflict.

I was accepted to Purdue with a fully funded offer and TA. Yet, I decided to go to Cranbrook which will put me in the same debt.

But I am happy with my decision. 

I know that it's wise to think financially today. Still I live only once, and to think what I'll gain from the school, makes all the difference for me.

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