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Brown PRIME or Duke MEM


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I'm a student from Europe and I hold a BS degree in Industrial Engineering. I am admitted to both grad schools but can't just decide which one to pick. I'd be pleased if you guys share your thoughts with me.


Brown - Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, Engineering School

Duke - Engineering Management, Engineering School


I want to work in the consulting business after I finish grad school. which one you think is better in terms of placements to top consulting firms? 


Brown is in Ivy League and is located at North East (the area where I'd prefer to stay&work) and the program accepts up to 20-25 students per year.

On the other hand Duke's seems better than Brown in terms of engineering and there are about 100-150 students at Duke's MEM each year.


I'm concerned about the number of students because I can't make sure if it determines the program's popularity/reputation among the firms or if it is an advantage or a disadvantage to have more/less grads per year?


Thank you all in advance.

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