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Dual Degree: Columbia vs. Hopkins


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Hey everyone!


I’m having the same conversations over and over and over in my head, so I hope some of you can help me with your insights.


I was accepted into Columbia’s MPH (PopFam) and MIA (Pol. And Econ.) dual, and Hopkins’ MSPH (International Health) and MA (IDEV) dual. I have 15K from Columbia for the MIA, and nothing so far from the latter although Hopkins’ offers 75% tuition for the second year of the MSPH. My interests are in global maternal/reproductive health programming and policy.

  1. Is anyone in any of these programs? What are your experiences?
  2. What does each city offer in terms of links with organizations that work in global maternal/reproductive health? I know the obvious organizations like the UN, but I’m very open as well to foundations and research institutions (Gates, CFR, etc.) What about organizations that work in global health policy?
  3. Also, I’m interested in writing in two regards: research and journalism. I would like more academic writing experience both as a nerd and as someone who is seriously considering an academic career. I also want to get into journalism/working with (new) media as a way to cover big issues in public health.

I have experience working abroad (Peace Corps), and want to see more of what goes on behind the scenes of the orgs that I saw doing good/mediocre/bad work in the field. I also came from a huge undergrad university so have no big issues with that.


If I'm being honest with myself, my heart is leaning towards Mailman and my brain towards Bloomberg. Thanks everybody for any advice!

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