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Loma Linda and Redlands 2014

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Did anyone get acceptance letters from Loma Linda or University of Redlands yet?  How many people usually apply for their program and how many do they accept?  


I checked their websites, but can someone tell me if they have any emphasis or concentrations in the programs?

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I am on the alternate list for Loma Linda. I'm not sure how many people apply, but I think they accept around 25 each year? and a few from the past year that are doing the transitional year. Maybe 8. 

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Gleaned from open house:

Both grad programs are general. No research or exclusive special interests. Educational placement is standard k-12. Medical placement is dependent on your specific interests.

Loma Linda - 
applicants: 120 +
accept: 30 (8 transitional)


applicants: 300 +

accept: 40? (unsure of # of transitional)

First round of acceptance letters from Loma Linda were mailed out last week. Univ. of Redlands will be sending theirs out at the end of the month.

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