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NYU, Duke or Brandeis for MA Econ


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Hi guys, could you guys help me choose between these three programs:

MA Economics at NYU (Accepted) 
MA International Economics and Finance at Brandeis (Accepted with significant scholarship) 
MA Applied Financial Economics at Duke (Awaiting Decision) 

Specifically, I would appreciate if you could comment on each school's academic reputation compared to each other, their recruiting facilities and employment prospects as well as career resources, taking into consideration that I am an international student.

Personally, I'm interested in Financial Economics so I really like the Duke's program but am not so sure about the recruiting there. NYU is preferable in terms of location and prestige, but the program would be less financially oriented. And I just don't know enough about Brandeis but the scholarship made it a lot more attractive.


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Almost the same situation:


Duke MA Economics (pending scholarship decision)

Brandeis MA International Economics and Financ (generous scholarship off tuition and university loan)

Tufts Ms Economics (35K tuition and grader position)


I think Brandeis International Business School would be good choice for finance orientation. Whats ur schoalrship award?  :rolleyes:


I would also appreciate comments


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