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NYU Summer Writing Workshop

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Dear Cafe Members,

I got into NYU's MA program in English, but have rejected their offer. I got an e-mail about this class they offer, though, called something along the lines of a "Preparation for Graduate School Summer Writing Workshop." It seems like a great way to prepare for a career in writing, but I', reluctant to sign up for it. It seems like it could just be a way to harvest more cash from prospective graduate students. Has anyone ever taken this course that could provide some thoughts on it? Does anyone have thoughts on this in general. I'm trying to figure our productive things that I could do this summer to prepare for the future...

Here is the link to the program site:

http://www.nyu.edu/summer/2009/summerny ... 65.2900001

Thanks! You guys have been very helpful through the whole process.

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It's for cash-harvesting, no doubt. Are you already in a program, or are you reapplying next year? Either way, you could devote the summer to:

1) Writing/Editing a paper for a conference/publication

2) Studying a language

3) Reading anything that people say you must read but you still haven't gotten to yet

4)a If you are already admitted, enjoy a vacation already! You are entering a program that is meant to prepare you, and if they let you in, they already think you're prepared for the program

4)b If not, solidify your list of schools/programs for reapplication, see if any programs who rejected you can give you an answer why (and fix that), perfect your writing sample/write a new one, and write a SOP specifically tailored to each program.

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Well I'm attending UVA for a terminal MA program in the Fall. I made it on the wait list at one PhD program, but other than that faced widespread rejection from doctoral programs. Part of me feels like I should already be preparing my application for when I'm reapplying in a year and a half!

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