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Stegner Notification?


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Thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one waiting! It seems like in the past few years, decisions are made in early March, and if you haven't heard by mid-March it's an implicit rejection. Trying to make some sense of this long wait... Anyone else out there have any experience/insight? Really appreciate it!

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I'm not sure, of course, but having worked in university settings for awhile, my guess is: 1) Someone screwed up and they just have forgotten to send rejections to a few of us because, I don't know, our last names are between j-n or something (that's the pessimist in me, and probably the person who's right) or 2) They have a few people they keep around until they have confirmation, so we're on a sort of "wait list," in case anyone for some reason turns down the offer, which might seem crazy, but life happens. 


But really, who knows? 

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Hi, all. I also got my Stegner rejection yesterday. I wish I knew what this meant, or if it means absolutely nothing! Booklover, why do you feel like receiving the rejection yesterday means that it wasn't a mistake? 



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