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IUPUI & NMSU acceptance, I need help on a few issues PLEASE


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Hello Guys, 


I have been accepted into both New Mexico State University and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, both for computer science.


Some information about my background. I am a Kuwaiti Citizen, and there are a lot of procedures to go through. They have a few Universities there list as the ones they approve for me to study computer science at, to my dismay, I found out after I got accepted into them.


I would like to say that I did go forward with telling them to approve NMSU and IUPUI. The embassy in LA, replied back to me, saying that NMSU was not accredited by ABET for the CS program. I shortly after found out that ABET does not accredit CS programs for Masters and PhD. They said that they would get back to me on that after they meet up with the different professors at the embassy. 


I honestly don't want to get my hopes up. But I really wanted to go to Purdue, and they ended up forwarding my file to IUPUI, which is as close as im getting to PU. If they don't in fact approve them on the list of CS majors, it will be virtually worthless to have that degree in Kuwait. I don't know what to do. I would love any insight. I don't want to apply to other schools, as I never took the GRE, that thing just scares me.


I would appreciate any help out there. please.

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