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Your opinion matters: The effect of the internet on the quality provided by the news industry


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It is no news that journalism has been a major public good in the past, being agenda-setting and, among others, taking over the role as mediator between the public and policy making elites. Just like other industries, the adoption of internet also shows to impact the news industry. 

Here some negative consequences we can notice today: Print papers close and newspapers are cutting down on staffing. Also, journalism sees itself increasingly forced to cover popular topics in order to stay attractive to potential readers. 

But then again we are now able to retrieve news from all over the world and we can spread our own news stories online (think of citizen journalism).

I am looking to write a report on this topic and am therefore interested in learning about your opinions! Feel free to explain why you think the internet benefits or damages quality journalism. How would you respond to the following statement?

“The internet will kill the news industry, leading to a society that misses in-depth and quality news.” 



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