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Murray State

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Hi everyone! Hope grad school season is treating everyone nicely. I have recently been accepted to Murray State as one of my options, having applied there without ever visiting. I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about the program, school, or (secretly most importantly..) the town of Murray itself. While I'm not going to be going out a lot in grad school, I know- I would like to know if I can enjoy myself on the off time (because I'll definitely need it to keep my sanity in the tough SLP program)! Any info is greatly appreciated!!

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I am from Kentucky and also applied to Murray(just curious did you get your letter today? that makes me nervous as I have not received anything)


But anyway from what I've heard of Murray it is not too big, a typical college town though. Also its not a bad drive to get to Nashville- less than two hours! So if you ever needed a weekend to get away and have fun it would be convenient. I think it is a pretty good program but I am like you and haven't heard much since I've never visited. I know Murray is close to Land between the lakes so if you like nature its a good place for that!

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