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University of IL-Urbana

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Can those who are attending or planning to attend share a tidbit or two of what they've learned about the program?  I've heard good things but not many specifics about their specialties, style of clinical feedback, etc.  Any info is appreciated!

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I went to the open house and was pretty impressed.  The program definitely seems more geared to those who want to work in schools or with children vs. in medical settings or with adults.  There are LOTS of professors conducting research and a seriously nice clinic (it looks brand new but I think they said it was built six years ago).


They said that they start you off by seeing just one or two clients your first semester and it builds from there.  First externships occur during the summer between your 1st and 2nd year.  The program is 6 semesters (fall-spring-summer; fall-spring-summer) and you complete your medical externship during your 2nd summer.


There aren't any comprehensive exams at the end of the program - you just need to pass the Praxis.


I think that's about all I remember.  Sorry it's not more specific!  Everyone that I spoke to at UIUC was soooo nice.  It's currently my first choice...I'm just trying to figure out what will be best for me financially before I commit.   :)


Edited: There's also a Facebook group for UIUC students here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/256880691152813/

Not all of us have committed to attending - some (like me) are still trying to decide.  Hope that helps!

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I'm an undergrad there and the clinical instructors are very nice. I love this department more than I love my own I'd have to admit, they're a lot nicer and the clinic is pretty nice as well.


I think what I understand from the program is that you have a one-on-one mentor SLP depending on what you want to do. For research we have the Beckman Institute (I do my research there) and I think some SHS faculty use it as well. 


I know a lot of people complain on how boring CU can be, but honestly it's the best studying place ever because there's not too many distractions. And you can ALWAYS find something to do if you go and find it. It's also a culturally diverse college town, so if you have any time to join cultural events it can be a great experience.


You would have to check what they offer for financial aid, UIUC is a bit expensive.


I hope this kind of helps :)

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