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Econ: Caltech v.s. Wisconsin. Could you please give me some advice? Thanks!


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I want to do micro; I am choosing between Caltech and UW-Madison.

There are rumors about the econ program at Caltech: weird microeconomic research, small program, and less decent placement. But I don't think it matters: their "weird" research (neuroecon) will not bother me; the program is already big enough for me--micro theory, applied micro, financial, behavioral, political, IO, etc.; the decent placements of Madison are not from micro students, and I think the two schools are similar in placing their micro students. What do you think about these compared to Madison?

But the thing I really care about is the feeling of being an econ student at these schools. Judging from their emails and attitude toward exams, Caltech seems more free-style and more care about their students. Did I misunderstood? If you are familiar with these schools, could you please share with me the goods and bads of the study and life there? Thank you very much!

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