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UW-Madison vs. U of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, Communication M.A/PhD

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Hey guys!


It sounds like all decisions have been sent out by every school, and I hope you have made a decision on where to attend!


I am struggling with my decision, a little bit.


I have both good offers from University of Wisconsin-Madison MA/PhD and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. However, I don't know which school to choose because I love both of them! Below is my offer, and I hope to receive your advice on where I should attend! Btw, I visited both schools and love them!


1. University of Wisconsin-Madison; MA/PhD in Communication Science

- Prospective advisor: Dr. Catalina Toma

- Funding Package: Full funding, and 50% appointment of TA-ship. (around $7,300/semester)


2. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; MA in Communication (Mediated Communication & Technology)

- Prospective advisor: Dr. Scott Poole

- Funding Package: Full funding & fellowship; and summer fellowship.


In terms of your knowledge, and/or personal experience with either/both schools, could you give me some advice?


Thanks in advance everyone!!

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poop - I meant to give you positive reputation but clicked the wrong button... congrats on getting into both programs! dunno if you've made your decision, I havn't been checking the forums for the last few weeks. I think it depends on what your research interests and focus is. I was very interested in new media, social movements  and public opinion from a critical perspective so I contacted a professor at UIUC who specializes in that, and he told me he was the only one with that focus and couldn't recommend I apply there. Madison seems awesome but I was more focused on the Comm Arts department. Those are both very good offers - the TA ship will give you great experience, but the fellowship at UIUC will give you more freedom I imagine. Congrats again!

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I think it is amazing that you got a fellowship for an MA. Very well done! I think the first thing you will need to figure out is if it is important to you to be in a program where it is guaranteed that you can move on to your PhD and have funding for that ( I am assuming that's the case /w Madison, right?).


I will FB / email you a name of someone here who got her MA at UIUC and was working with Scott. 


I do not know Catalina but I do "know" Scott and he is amazing. Super smart, extremely experienced, well known and crazy nice. He's helped us a lot writing a grant and given great feedback to projects. Really cool teacher and person. 

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