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Which econ phd progrm would you recommend for me?


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Hi, I'm currently in enrolled in NYU econ MA program.


I'm planning to apply for phd programs for fall 2015 entry.


I'm searching specific information about econ phd programs in each school, I would like to get some advice from you guys since I do not have much information.


Fields that I am Interested in: Microeconomic theory, public economics, econometrics, international trade.


My Stats:


GRE 600/790/3.5 (taken in June, 2011, should I retake it?)



University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

BS-Economics with Distinction 3.788/4.0 

Math and stat courses: cal1,2, linear algebra and differential equations, multi-variable calculus, theory of probability and statistics 1,2(MA courses)



New York University

MA- Economics. current GPA is about 3.7

Math and stat courses: Mathematical Analysis 1,2, Applied statistics and econometrics 1,2.

I took math analysis courses in Courant Institute (Math Department) with MA and PhD math students, and I did average on exams and homeworks and got B.


I do not have any research experience, and planning to do something in this summer.


I'm currently interested in public economics field (mostly). 


So, here are my questions.


1) Which program would you recommend (to study in public economics)?

2) Which program would I get high chance to get in?

3) Would you think that I am a competitive applicant for Top 50 programs?

4) any advice about increasing my chance to get in PhD program?


Thank you

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Since I am not an econ major, I can't help you with the first three really.


But I see potentially two major weaknesses in your application:


1) Lack of resource experience. The fact that you did two degrees at major research universities and didn't do any research assistant jobs or the like is kind of a red flag. It's a bit late but I would target some profs at NYU and ask if they are looking for RAs during the summer. Are you close with any profs at NYU or Minnesota? I would ask them as well.


2) GRE score. Obviously your quant score is fantastic. Your verbal isn't bad (but could definitely be more competitive), but your AW is terrible. I would retake it if I were you. You don't even really need to study math obviously, just work on your verbal section and study for the essay. Although the AW isn't taken that seriously, a 3.5 is far below average.

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