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GWU Elliott or UCSD IR/PS…Need some help here, thanks!


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I’m really in the middle of a tough decision: MA International Affairs, Elliott School, GWU or Master of Pacific International Affairs, IR/PS, UCSD. There is no significant difference in the cost of attendance. 


Here is my analysis of the advantages of both programs.

GWU: Location, reputation, rich internship opportunities and alumni resource

UCSD: Strong focus on quantitative training and intensive curriculum


I’m more leaning to UCSD. First, my undergraduate is foreign language studies, and no full-time employment experience. I guess what I need most is to learn some hard skills which can possibly lead to jobs. Though a lot of people are saying there are more opportunities at D.C. and Elliott is a great school, as an international student with limited academic/professional background, I don’t think those resources can do the most good. After all, the effect of networking still needs to be built on individual strengths. Second, I’m interested in the academia and may finally do a PhD. UCSD has stronger departments in political science and economics. I guess that may be a better fit.


So I really hope to hear about any thoughts or comments on my decision process. Thanks a lot!

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