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Texas A&M Electrical and Computer Engineering


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I've applied to TAMU ECE department for Computer Engineering PhD. I submitted the application on Jan. 2nd and by Jan. 17th, all LoRs were submitted. Now, the problem is that since Feb. 28th, it's been indicated on ECE Graduate Application Status Check that a decision has been made about my application. This is the message:


"Your application has been reviewed and a decision has been made. Please check your application result in the Texas A&M University Applicant Information System. Please note that there may be several days delay before the decision is posted on the AIS System."


The next day, I emailed the department to find out about the decision. They told me that the results will be out about March 15th (they answered my question two days later, so I emailed the Office of Admissions, too, and they said the decision have not been communicated to their office). Then I thought maybe if I call the department, they would tell me what decision has been made, but again they said I need to wait to see the results on AIS around March 15th. So I gave up and decided to wait. On March 24th, again I called the ECE department and told them that the decision was to be announced on March 15th, but there is nothing on AIS yet, and they told me that they were on Spring break last week and they had a lot of applicants this year, blah blah. Today is March 31st, a whole month is past since the day a decision was made regarding my application and I still don't know what it is!


So I wanted to ask the guys who have heard from TAMU ECE department, how long did it take them to post the result on AIS after the decision was made? Now I'm worried that my file is lost or something!

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